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This course provides you with the theoretical skill and the practical skill that you require to dive anywhere in the world.

2 Days Pool and Theory
1 Day trip on Fitzroy Island
1 Day trip on the Outer Reef

Your professional instructor will help you through the learning process. Your open water dive course is split up into three sections.

Theory gives you the knowledge required to dive in open water conditions. This takes the form of classroom presentations and lectures by the instructor in the comfort of our new air-conditioned classrooms.

Confined water training takes place in our gas-heated pool at our training centre, during which time you will master the skills of diving.

Open water dives will be conducted in the calm waters off of Fitzroy Island on Day 1 and on the Great Barrier Reef Day 2.

8:00 am Free pick-up from city accommodation
9.15 am Theory lectures
12.00 am Lunch break and medical examination
1.00 pm Swim test & Pool training
4.30 pm Return to your accommodation

7:30 am Pick-up from city accommodation
8.15 am Pool training
12.00 am Lunch break
1.00 pm Theory lectures
4.30 pm Return to your accommodation

6.45 am Free pick-up from city accommodation
7.30 am Transfer to Fitzroy Island
8:15 am Arrival at Fitzroy Island
Morning 1st Training dive
11.00 am Lunch
12.30 pm 2nd training dive
3:30 return To Cairns

6.45 am Free pick-up from city accommodation
7.30 am Transfer to outer reef
Morning 3rd Training dive
Afternoon 4th training dive
Return To Cairns


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Tour Details

  • Included in price:

    1 day trip to Fitzroy Island
    1 day trip to the Outer Great Barrier Reef

  • Available for purchase/hire:

    Pay on board charges : Reef, Port & Fuel Levy Charges $25.00 per person applicable from 1 April 2017.

  • Duration:

    4 Days

  • Departure:

    8:00 AM Mon, Wed, Fri

  • Return:

    Return to Cairns by 4:45 on Day 3 and Day 4

  • Departure points:


  • Pickup/departure instructions:

    Complimentary pick ups within the CBD area but outlying areas and the Northern Beaches there is a $20 return transfer fee, payable direct to the driver.
    Please advise your accommodation and state that you would like a transfer in the comments section.
    Please confirm booking and hotel transfers prior to day of travel using the contact details provided on your booking confirmation.

  • What to bring:

    Bathers and a towel on day 1.

  • Fitness level required:

    Not specified

  • Child policies:

    Children under 12 are not catered for. Children 12 years and over, pay adult prices.

  • Additional Information:

    All criteria must be met before an open water certification is granted
    Students must be able to pass a swim test. Some medical conditions will prevent you from diving.
    Please note that the following conditions may prevent you from diving or gaining a medical clearance for a dive course:
    asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, any heart or lung conditions, any major operations and some prescription medications.
    Open Water (only) course students over 45 years, or anyone who exceeds a BMI requirement or have preexisting medical conditions will require a dive medical.
    Dive Medical cost is not included in the price.

  • Destinations:

    Great Barrier Reef and Fitzroy Island

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