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The Advanced course is available to divers already holding open water certification who wish to continue their dive education, increase their confidence and gain further knowledge of dive skills. You will have 5 advanced training dives and 1 pleasure dive.

  • 5 training dives + 1 pleasure Dive,
  • Extensive dive training briefings,
  • This course can be completed in 2 days,
  • The course consists of 5 training dives,
  • PADI Adventures in Diving,
  • Two core elements- Deep Dive, Navigation Dive,
  • A further 3 dives are required and normally involve either a Multi level Dive, Search & ecovery Dive and an Underwater Naturalist Dive.

Advanced Open Water Course start Tuesday or Friday and run over 2 consecutive days.

Aailable to divers who have already acheived their Open Water certification, the Advanced Dive Course will spend two 1-day trips to the Great Barrier Reef aboard Evolution, and undertake 5 training dives, (Deep Dive, Navigation Dive, plus 3 electives) and 1 pleasure dive.

The knowledge and skills you get in the Advanced Open Water Diver course vary with your interest and the adventures you have, but include:

  • Practical aspects of deep diving
  • Physiological effects of deeper scuba diving
  • How to navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time
  • More ways to use your underwater compass
  • How to better use your dive computer and Recreational Dive Planner
  • And much, much more, depending on the Adventure Dives you choose

There are two compulsory adventure dives; Deep Diver and Underwater Navigator. You can choose 3 of the following elective dives to complete your certification:​

  • AWARE-Fish Identification
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Boat Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Multilevel Diver
  • Search and Recovery Diver

We have been internationally recognised as one of the world's largest & leading dive training companies certifying over 6000 dive students per year. We offer the latest in dive equipment, technology and expert instruction from multi lingual dive instructors.

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Tour Details

  • Included in price:

    City transfers
    5 training dives + 1 pleasure Dive
    Extensive dive training briefings
    Two core elements- Deep Dive, Navigation Dive
    A further 3 dives are required and normally involve either a Multi level Dive, Search and
    Recovery Dive and an Underwater Naturalist Dive.

  • Available for purchase/hire:

    Underwater cameras, T shirts, scuba diving & snorkelling equipment, dive medical, snacks and refreshments

  • Duration:

    2 Day

  • Departure:

    7:30 AM Tue, Fri

  • Return:


  • Departure points:


  • Pickup/departure instructions:

    Please confirm check-in when re-confirming your reservation.

  • What to bring:

    Certification card, log book, sunscreen, hat, swimmers, towel and cash or credit card for on board payment/purchases.

  • Fitness level required:


  • Child policies:

    Minimum age for dive course is 16yrs.

  • Additional Information:

    *Note: Government Environmental Management charge and Port Authority Administration levy is payable by all visitors to the Great Barrier Reef & Fuel Levy $20 AUD per person per day.

  • Destinations:

    Great Barrier Reef

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