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Guided Fishing Adventures in the smooth waters of the estuaries of Trinity Inlet, Cairns; from the beginner, to the whole family, to the adventurer.
The open waters, creeks and deep channels of the Cairns Estuary System are a paradise for anglers and fishermen alike. Cairns-Trinity Inlet is a State Marine Park, this natural habitat has numerous deep holes, mudflats, snags, and drop-offs making it a great location to catch a variety of fish species. The Cairns Estuary area has over 100kms of waterways just at our backdoor, so let us show you our backyard.

We supply all top quality rods & PENN Reels, all bait & tackle, bottles of cold water and tea/coffee and our experienced fishing guide.

We don`t just go fishing, we also explore the beautiful rainforests and mangrove-lined waterways of it`s vast bird life, butterflies and the ever-present saltwater crocodiles.

Common caught species are....Grunter (Javelin Fish), Fingermark, Blue Salmon, GT-Trevally, Mangrove Jack, Queen Fish (Queenies), Thread Fin, Blue Salmon, Estuary Cod, Bream, Flathead, Golden Trevally, Tarpon, Hairtail, Mud Crabs and much much more....The prize catch of a Barramundi. (Fish Species are Seasonal).

Share Charter runs from 7.30 am to 12.00 pm - met your fishing guide at 7.15 am at the Marlin Marina Finger D Berth 2.

Cairns Estuary systems mangrove lined waterways have the reputation of being the world's most diverse and productive eco-system they are also home to saltwater crocodiles (salties) and numerous species of birdlife. We go that little bit further and give you interesting information about the history of Cairns and if you are lucky enough you might even spot a crocodile. A relaxing yet exciting day fishing and chit-chatting about anything of interest, except politics - THAT IS WHAT WE CALL A GREAT CAIRNS FISHING ADVENTURE!!

About the boat - THE RIVER ROCKET

THE RIVER ROCKET is a 5.8 metre Fishing Charter Boat, built be SUBSEE Explorer Pty Ltd of Cairns, Australia. She is a 20 foot flat-bottom punt, especially designed and built for the smooth waters of the estuaries and rivers systems of Far North Queensland.

Three of the latest additions to her include Garmin colour sounder & GPS, and she is powered by a fuel-injected four-stroke 140hp Suzuki Outboard.

Part of the design plan is to utilize all space available, not only for the fishing equipment and safety equipment but also give plenty of room to move around the boat for that 'prize catch' whilst putting less stress on the equipment and the fish.

She has a carpeted floor which is easy on your feet, no shoes required, but easy cleaned at the end of the day fresh and ready for tomorrow's adventures.

The two built in live-bait tanks keep the selection of bait fresh as a smorgasbord to tempt our saltwater species.

To keep the heat of the sun at bay, a canopy covers approximately 3/4 of the boat yet the front 1/4 of the boat is not covered, this allows room for the lure fisherman to move when lure fishing.

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  • Included in price:

    We supply all top quality rods & PENN Reels and all bait & tackle
    Bottles of cold water
    and an experienced fishing guide.

  • Available for purchase/hire:

  • Duration:

    4.5 hours

  • Departure:

    7:15 AM Daily

  • Return:

    12.00 pm

  • Departure points:


  • Pickup/departure instructions:

    Met the Boat at the Marlin Marina on Finger D berth 2 at 7.15 am.

    Please confirm your booking the night before your charter (full contact details provided after booking).

  • What to bring:

    Sunglasses and a hat
    a sense of humour
    and a few beers or a bottle of wine.

  • Fitness level required:


  • Child policies:

    Any child under the age of 5 year must have at least been on a boat.
    One child per booking per charter.
    No child discounts apply.

  • Additional Information:

    All equipment supplied on the basis `if lost-replace`.

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