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This tour is unique and will take you into the secret world of magic. Before you begin, the magician’s oath has to be taken! You discover the illusions & examine the props. Have you ever wondered how they saw the girl in half? On this tour you will find out just how it is done! This is an opportunity to be exposed to new experiences, and it is also a museum with interactive exhibits. It is amazing what you will discover in an hour.

  • Enter into the secret world of magic
  • Learn how some of the illusions are done 
  • See the props that you have always amazed you
  • Learn all about the powers of the mind
  • Enjoy the interactive exhibits

Guided Day Tour by a Magician.
As you walk through secret spaces of a magician habitat, you enter a secret world that has been protected for centuries.

The museum tour not only holds unrevealed plans of illusions, magic tricks and magic shows, drawings, patents, letters, literature on magic, inventions by magicians, posters, costumes, but the magicians takes you onto a journey of his magical world, of course this is after you have taken the magicians oath.

The experience is immersive and tapestries man and woman’s remarkable powers of imagination and high levels of mindset through the centuries. You shall discover how a magician tricks his audience and prepare for magic shows. You shall examine his props, such as the levitation, changing a girl into a tiger and the sawing woman in half mystery. You may even be asked to jump into a trap door.

The Australian Museum of the Magical Arts offers a fascinating opportunity to expose oneself to new experiences and explore new things in a rich, creative, educational and inspirational environment.

Through the interactive exhibits and hands-on museum, adults and children have the joy of exploring new and untold curiosities.

Departure times
Tuesday to Thursday

Saturday and Sunday

Duration - 60 minutes

Bookings are essential

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    60 minutes

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    1:30 PM Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun

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    Doors open at the commencement of departure tours

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    Sydney and Darlinghurst

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