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Experience the thrill of floating, you feel like you are not really moving but you are! A hot air balloon exerience is like nothing else you have done, don't take our word for it, try it for yourself. Melbourne is a great city to fly over at sunrise and see all her famous landmarks during the golden hour. This memory will last a lifetime.

  • One-hour hot air balloon flight over Melbourne
  • Five-star breakfast buffet, including champagne
  • In-flight photography to capture your wonderful experience
  • A beautifully presented flight certificate and souvenir pack


It's time to float up and away and view the world in all its glory from the skies. With this Melbourne sunrise balloon flight, you'll be able to take in stunning panoramic views of the city and enjoy a five-star champagne breakfast. You're guaranteed a breath-taking experience as you watch the sun come over the horizon.

This exciting balloon experience begins at a the Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne (649 Bridge Road, Richmond) or at another pre-arranged venue, where you will be picked up and taken to the launch site. Exact departure times vary from 4 am to 6.30 am, depending on the time the sun rises.

At the launch site, you will assist with getting the balloon ready for take off. This is a chance to learn all about how hot air balloons work and ask the pilot any questions. You'll soon feel like a seasoned ballooner!

Once the balloon is prepared and you and your fellow passengers are all aboard, it's time to set off. The launch will be timed to coincide with the sunrise, so you'll be floating into the sky as the first rays reach out over the land.

For around one hour, you will fly over Melbourne city, taking in all the sights and enjoying a beautiful sunrise. This is by far the best way to experience Australia's second largest city, with the early morning light highlighting all the parks, gardens and buildings. You're certain to feel on top of the world - quite literally - as you drift over sights such as the MCG, Albert Park racetrack, and the city centre.

Once the sun has risen, you'll begin your ascent back to the ground. Photos will be taken throughout the flight, which you'll have the chance to purchase after.

When you're back on solid ground once more, you can assist in packing the balloon up - an experience that's surprisingly a lot of fun! Then you'll be taken back to the Amora Hotel Riverwalk, where you'll tuck into a sumptuous buffet breakfast. While you're unwinding after your flight and discussing all the amazing sights, you can sip on some fine champagne, which is included in this sunrise balloon flight package.

To prepare for your flight, make sure you have some warm, comfortable clothes and shoes (high heels are not recommended) - lots of layers are ideal for the changing temperatures.

A balloon flight over Melbourne is guaranteed to delight, whatever your age. The perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, or just a fantastic way to sightsee, this sunrise balloon flight will leave you with memories you'll never forget.

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Tour Details

  • Included in price:

    1 hour balloon flight, champagne breakfast & one-way hotel transfer, souvenir flight certificate.

  • Available for purchase/hire:

    USB Photo compilations of your flight are available for purchase.

  • Duration:

    The balloon flight lasts approximately 1 hour, the duration of the morning is around 4-5 hours. Meeting time is half an hour before sunrise.

  • Departure:

    5:00 AM Daily

  • Return:

  • Departure points:


  • Pickup/departure instructions:

    We meet in the foyer of the Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne - 649 Bridge Road, Richmond. Complimentary one-way transfers can be arranged from all central city hotels. No hotel drop off is available at the conclusion of the tour.
    Please note that departure times vary from 4am-6.30am throughout the year based on Sunrise.

  • What to bring:

    It is an active morning in the outdoors, so wear clothes that can get stained or dirty.
    Please note: The burners can sometimes drip water mixed with Carbon. Global Ballooning will not be responsible for clothing
    that is stained or damaged as a part of our adventure activity.
    Wear clothes as for hiking, including sturdy shoes, warm socks and a cap, plus sunglasses if you wish.
    - We meet before sunrise so depending on the time of year and weather, it can be extremely cold
    - Generally it will not be any colder in the air during the flight than on the ground, so wear layered clothing that can be
    removed as the day warms up
    - The burners can radiate heat so a hat is recommended
    - Your feet can get wet and cold in the early morning dew, you may like to bring a change of socks
    - High-heeled shoes are not suitable
    - Don't forget your camera and lots of film

  • Fitness level required:


  • Child policies:

    Child prices apply to children between the ages of 7 and 12 years. Children under the age of 7 years are not able to participate in the balloon flight.

  • Additional Information:

    Ballooning is an audience participation activity and you will be encouraged to assist with the set up and pack away of the balloon.

    Non-flying guests are able to join the Champagne Breakfast for $30 per adult and $15 for children under 12. Please make breakfast reservations the day before the flight and at that stage we can give you some idea of what time breakfast is likely to be.

    Hot air ballooning is weather dependent and all passengers are asked to check in with the pilot the night before for a weather report. If the flight is cancelled due to inclement weather passengers will need to contact Global Ballooning to reschedule.

    Please note that departure times vary from 4am-6.30am throughout the year based on Sunrise.

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