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Tour ID: 10044181

This is a Tours To Go only field. it appears above the fold and should contain snippets about the tour to entice the customers to read further. Around 30 words.

  • Bullet point highlights of tour
  • Appears above photo
  • TTG admin only field.

This is an example tour loaded to show you how to add information about your tour products to the database.

Put any descriptive information about your tour here.

Remember the more information and the more exciting the tour sounds, the more likely you are to get a booking.

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Tour Details

  • Included in price:

    What is included? doesn;t need to be the full itinerary as this is better in the Tour Description feild. In here we suggest that you list things like meals,
    tralknsfers, snorkelling equipment, applicable entry fees, driver/guides, etjl

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    4. f

  • Available for purchase/hire:

    Is there anything that the customer can purchase in addition to the basic tour?We can add some things to the bookable optional extras, but if lunch is not included, and wine can be purchased, etc., then these should go here.



  • Duration:

    How long does the tour last? It's handy to load the return time of the tour here too.

  • Departure:

    8:00 AM Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun

  • Return:

    What time does the tour finish?

  • Departure points:

    Seventeen Seventy (1770)

  • Pickup/departure instructions:

    Are there any specific instructions that you need to give the customer regarding the departure of the tour?

    Does the customer need to be checking in 30 mins prior to departure? Is the pick up point at a specific location in a marina or bus bay? Are transfers included? If not included, are they abe to be added at extra charge?

  • What to bring:

    Does the customer need to bring any clothing or equipment with them? What about sleeping bags on overnight tours, or drinking water on hiking tours?

  • Fitness level required:


  • Child policies:

    What child ages are able to travel on this tour and what ages does that child rate apply to?

  • Additional Information:

    Any additional info that you think the customer might need.

    Things such as Pay On Board fees and charges or weight limits are good to add here.

  • Destinations:

    Seventeen Seventy (1770)

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