Home & Away (Summer Bay) Tour – FAQ’s

Home and Away Filming Locations

There are two main locations where Home and Away is filmed, the studio in Redfern and most of the outdoor scenes at Summer Bay, which is actually Sydney’s Palm beach.

There are currently no public access to, or tours of, the Redfern studios but the outdoor sets (Palm Beach) are accessible to the public.

The outdoor sets include all the beach areas of Summer Bay seen in Home and Away, the outsides of some of the houses, the exterior of the Surf Club and Alf’s Bait Shop.

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What days does filming occur?

We can never guarantee you will see filming at Palm Beach (Summer Bay) as the filming schedule is a closely guarded secret, but we have kept our own records of filming from the past few years.

Filming occurs mostly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks.

There is normally a break in filming for 2 weeks at the end of June or start of July.

In 2015 there was some filming on Thursdays, although in 2016 there was no filming on Thursdays.

There appears to be no pattern to which days filming occurs on. In 2016 you had nearly a 50/50 change of seeing filming if you went on a Monday or Tuesday and almost a 1 in 3 chance to see filming on a Wednesday.

But there have been some weeks where the only day filming occurred was a Wednesday.

Weather, actors availability and schedules dictate when filming occurs.

Even without seeing filming there is a lot to see on the way to Palm Beach (Summer Bay) and also lots to see once you are there, filming is just an added bonus.

If you can’t make the Home & Away tour between Monday and Wednesday then consider going on the Film set tour, you still get to visit Summer Bay and the outside sets but also see where other TV Series and movies have been filmed in the Sydney area, including Bondi rescue and Underbelly.

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Which Home & Away Stars will I see?

Who will be acting on a particular day varies depending on the filming schedule which is unavailable.

The actors are transported between the indoor (Redfern) and outdoor (Summer Bay – Palm Beach) sets during the day to meet filming requirements.

So it is possible your favourite actor could be there all day or not at all.

To increase your chances of spotting your favourite stars you need to spend as much time as possible at Palm Beach.

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